North Norfolk Corporate Plan and Delivery Plan 2019 to 2023

Welcome to the performance portal for North Norfolk District Council, which will show you how the council is performing against a series of measures and how we are delivering the Corporate Plan

North Norfolk is a fantastic place to live, work and visit – covering over 360 sq miles of coastal and rural environment, with a population of over 100,000 people living in 120 distinct communities, our District is one of England’s top holiday destinations and a place where people positively choose to live, with large numbers of people retiring to the area. 

However, despite these positive attributes we also have some big challenges: – responding to environmental change, increasing housing supply, supporting economic growth, meeting the challenges of service delivery to rural communities and the needs of both our young people and a rapidly ageing population.  

Our Corporate Plan sets out our vision for the Council and its work over the next four years. It reflects the essential needs and aspirations of our customers and communities and how we feel the Council can best use its resources to deliver services and outcomes that make a positive difference for everyone who lives in, works in or visits North Norfolk.

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New measures and actions will be added as the plan develops. 

Local Homes

Delivering Local Homes for Local Need is a priority for the Council.  In ensuring the homes we need are delivered we will maintain a high quality in terms of design.  In addition, by ensuring new homes are built with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability, we will make then more affordable to live in. 



The Council is ambitious in wanting to support a strong local economy and new job-creating investment which strengthens and broadens the business base and employment opportunities in the District. 


Customer Focus

We want our customers to be at the heart of everything we do and will strive to improve access to our services further through stronger community engagement, developing more formal mechanisms of inviting customer feedback and comment and, where possible and practical, seek to deliver our services at a more local level through strengthening partnerships with local Town and Parish Councils.  The Council will seek further to improve democratic engagement and participation by people of all ages, but particularly through working with schools and colleges to ensure that the voice young people is heard and informs council decision-making. 


Climate, Coast & Environment

North Norfolk has an outstanding natural rural and coastal environment, which makes the District a fantastic place to live, work and visit – our natural environment underpins our appeal as a popular holiday destination. The district also has 80 Conservation Areas which recognise the strong character of the local built environment. The district is at the frontline of climate change and declared a Climate Emergency in April 2019 and committed resources to establish an Environmental Forum with the objective of informing the development and implementation of an Environmental Charter. In turn this will lay out how we will lead community adaptation and reduce the Council’s impact on the environment. 


Quality of Life

North Norfolk is a wonderful place to live and work, with strong and vibrant communities and most of our residents enjoying a good quality of life. The Council and its partners are committed to improving the wellbeing of older people through social prescribing and promoting the development of Housing with Care / Extra Care provision where people can live independently for longer with opportunities for social interaction. 

The Council has a strong record of providing and supporting facilities and activities which improve local people’s mental wellbeing and quality of life and, within the financial constraints the Council operates within, it is committed to maintaining and enhancing such facilities for the future as they form an essential element of the district’s appeal as a place to live and visit. 


Financial Sustainability

Looking forward the Council will need to be even more innovative in its approaches to maintaining and increasing service provision, building upon its record of robust financial management through identifying new sources of income, making sound investments and delivering high quality services in the most efficient way possible. 


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